Reseña en inglés del libro “Love story” de Erich Segal por Ana Galisteo ( 3º ESO A)

The story is about a couple, Jennifer Cavilleri and Oliver Barret. They meet at the university and they fall in love. Their romance goes on and they meet their parents. Oliver’s parents are rich and Jennifer’s father is poor but Oliver doesn’t mind. The couple wants to marry, but Oliver’s father doesn’t accept it and they fight. Finally, they are husband and wife. Three years later they live together in a humble flat because Oliver’s father doesn’t give them money like before. They work hard, she’s a teacher and he’s a lawyer. Then, they move to New York. They want to have children, but they can’t because Jenny is very sick. Finally, she dies when she is 24. Oliver is very sad and he sees his father in the hospital. He gives money to the hospital to help Jenny but they can’t do anything.

My opinion:
I like this story because is about a couple fighting for their love and I’m a romantic person. The only thing I don’t like is the end of the story because it’s very sad and I prefer happy endings. I think love story is a classic romance and everyone should read it.


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