Fairy Tale – A True Story

Fairy Tale – A True Story is a book written by Monica Kulling. Elsie is a girl who believes in fairies and since the death of her brother, she tries to see them. 

When Frances, her younger cousin, comes to her house, she gets a little jealous but later they become very good friends and together they try to find the fairies. They want to show Elsie’s mother that fairies exist, so they take Elsie’s father’s camera and take pictures of the fairies in the beck. When Elsie’s mother saw the pictures, she couldn’t believe that the fairies really were real. She gave the photos to Gardner, a man she had met at a lecture and who believed in fairies and angels, to know what he thought about it. He was really surprised and he went to check if they were real. According to a professional, the photos were real, so during a dinner Gardner told Arthur, Hodson, Houdini and Lodge what happened.

Afterwards, everyone talked about the fairies and Ferret revealed where they were. All the people went to Cottingley to see or hunt fairies. Elsie and Frances were sad because the fairies would be gone. When the people left, the fairies appeared in the bedroom waking up the girls. They saw them happy.

Finally, France’s father arrived from the war and he hugged his daughter. Definitely, Elsie and Frances would always remember what they had seen.

My favourite character is Frances because she is a great believer in fairies and she always had hope, even knowing that her father could die in the war. Frances is almost nine years old and she’s very friendly.

By Irene Gaitán de los Santos. 

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